I feel like it has been a while since I did a firework related craft. One of our favourite Bonfire night activities is the film canister firework. My charges love them and I have often used them with the Beaver Scout group I am with. But in terms of crafts, I think it has been a while. This year with BB I am prepared and we have been creating this wonderfully simple loo roll firework printing pictures.

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To do this loo roll firework printing you will need:

  • Loo roll tubes
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Black paper
  • Tray

Before you start cut the bottom half of your loo roll into strips and fan them out and put the paint you are using onto the tray.

I used both black and white paper for this craft. I definitely think that the black paper worked better.

loo roll firework printing

Let your little one dip their loo roll into the paint and then stamp it onto their piece of paper.

loo roll firework printing

BB had so much fun doing this and spent maybe 15-20 minutes engaged in his painting.

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 loo roll firework printing for children.  A great craft for Bonfire night, New Years Eve, or July 4th.