• Louisa is the founder of Lulubaby antenatal classes and our breastfeeding expert.
  • Lulubaby is a new kind of antenatal offering; With its team of professionals, Lulubaby provides expert advice and support for new mothers during their pregnancy, delivery and beyond.
  • Louisa provides one on one breastfeeding support for mothers and babies in the London area. Whilst a fan of breastfeeding, Louisa supports women whatever their baby feeding decisions.
  • Having spent several years in the City, working at UBS and Goldman Sachs, Louisa left to become a full time mother to her two young sons, Arthur and Toby. She then retrained as a breastfeeding counsellor, which she finds infinitely more rewarding than her days spent broking shares. Her two boys, two sausage dogs and her fifth baby, Lulubaby, keep her on her toes!

Louisa van den Bergh, Lulubaby

For one on one support, contact Louisa:
Email: louisa@lulubaby.co.uk
Tel: 020 7371 9383
Mobile: 07970 700012