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Love Rocks: Spreading the Love this Valentine’s

Instead of giving Valentine’s gift this year (we did make Cupid’s arrow cards) we have decided to spread the love a little further this year with these love rocks.

The story behind them is actually quite a sad one. In 2013 a family in Oregon, USA had the unthinkable happen to them. Their two daughters aged 6 and 11 were hit by a car outside their home and killed. As a way of dealing with such unfathomable grief they decided to share a project that they had done for their wedding a few years previously. Their project had been to glue fabric hearts to river rocks and Mod Podge over them. Their wedding guests had each taken one home and then wrote messages on the other for the bride and groom to keep. After sharing their story these Love rocks have taken on a life of their own and are showing up in all sorts of places across the world.

Our Valentine’s project was to spread some of our own love in our small area of the world using these love rocks.

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You will need:

  • Rock *
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sharpies
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brushes

* Originally they used river rocks, but we don’t have a river near by so we just used rocks from the garden. Which actually are more likely to bits of broken up brick.

painted love rocks

Start by painting your rock white.

painted love rocks

Once that has dried either use paint and a thin brush to paint on your design or use permanent pens to draw it on. Do not use ordinary felt tip pens, the reason will become clear in a minute. For smaller hands the pens work really well.  YC found it hard to get her design on the rock using paint.  Mainly because she wouldn’t listen when I told her the paintbrush was too big and too wet.

As we wanted to spread the love we wrote loving words on our rocks with some pictures. YC was really into this little project, even EC changed his mind and made one to hide somewhere for someone to find.

Once your paint/pens has dried cover your rock in Mod Podge. This will create a water resistant seal to keep your design in place. However, if you use ordinary pens then it will just smudge it.

painted love rocks

a couple of EC and YC’s love rocks

We still have a few rocks to hide, but EC and YC seemed very keen on taking a few of them with us skiing so that we could hide them up on the slopes!

I really hope that you all make some of these and help spread the love around.

If you enjoyed making these love rocks then be sure to check out our jars full of love, heart pattern pictures, and paper heart crafts.

Pin for later:

Spread the love by making and hiding these painted love rocks in your local area.

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