M&R Christmas Pudding recipe

Christmas is all about family traditions, handed down from generation to generation. One of our favourites is ‘Stir it up Sunday’.  This falls on the Sunday before advent (this year it is November 24th) and is the day that the whole family gathers to make their Christmas puddings.  Cooking together is a dying tradition among modern  families due to the convenience of ready made meals and foods, but if there is a time to get together and make an effort this is the day.   There are tricks to keep the whole family amused – cold beers in the fridge for the men, mulled wine for the ladies, a pot of piping hot soup and fresh bread for the guests, a good Christmas movie screening (highly recommend ‘Arthurs Christmas’) and the promise of wishes coming true for the kids. Each member of the family invites a friend for a lovely Sunday afternoon jolly of eating, drinking and mixing.

Here is simply the best Christmas pudding recipe you will ever find – measure carefully and remember to soak the fruits the night before. Encourage children to join in, they love using the scales and let everyone take a turn stirring and making a wish. The trick is to stir east to west, which symbolises the journey that the three wise men took – this is super lucky for wishes. This recipe has been designed with kids in mind and has tick boxes for them to take part in the fun.


Love Maggie x
Maggie and Rose