My job is to make stuff up – whether it is a fence, or a class, an art project or a recipe! I am constantly thinking of fun things to do with kids, both my own and the club members.

Many people have been asking for something on the blog that can be done at home, especially for some of you that cannot make it to the club. So I am going to attempt a monthly make and do. It will be random, sometimes cooking, sometimes arts and crafts – even little excerpts from our activity books. I hope you get inspiration and have fun getting messy with your little ones.

For the first one, I have created a mad Halloween pizza recipe, (it is based on something my mum used to make for us when we were kids and is actually very tasty). If I was a witch it would be my favourite supper! There is a recipe card for the kids, complete with gross out ingredients, an adults guide for you to decipher exactly what the gross out ingredients are and some printable food labels to stick to tins and jars for authenticity. So grab a witches hat, practice your cackle and get into Halloween!

Download and print the attached PDF file!

Lots of Love

Maggie x