I’ve wanted to make a magnetic sensory bottle for a while, they just look so cool. We have had magnetic sensory tray before, so this seemed like a great addition to it.

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To make you own magnetic sensory bottle you will need:

  • Bottle
  • Magnetic fillings
  • Baby oil
  • Glue
  • Magnetic wand

Fill a bottle with baby oil. You don’t want to use water; it will rust the iron fillings.

Then add the iron fillings.

Add glue to the lid of the bottle and secure it tightly.

Use the magnetic wand to manipulate the iron fillings.

magnetic sensory bottle

EC and I both had fun trying to get the as many of the iron fillings onto the wand as possible. It is actually rather therapeutic.  I also had an array of different types of magnets for him to try out.  So, like the wand, were very powerful.  Whereas, so of the others only picked up a few “hairs”.

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A magnetic sensory bottle - a great addition to a sensory play area for toddlers and preschoolers.