This simple guide tells you how you can make a recycled bottle bird feeder?.

You’ll need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • A couple of pencils
  • Scissors
  • Wire or string.

1) Holes for the perch

Make 2 holes in the bottle, opposite each other, roughly 4cm from the bottom of the bottle. You’ll want the pencils to fit nice and securely in their place – the birds will thank you for it.

Pierce 2 more holes in the bottle, slightly below the other holes and again opposite each other for the second pencil.

2) Fitting the perch

Feed the two pencils through their holes at 90 degree angles.

3) Feeding holes

Pierce small holes above the perches so the birds can reach the seeds. The holes should be slightly longer than the size of the seeds.

4) Fitting wire or string for hanging

Pierce two holes at the top of the bottle, beneath the lid. Thread the wire or string through the holes.

5) Inserting bird food

Remove the lid of the bottle and insert the bird feed.

6) Hanging the bird feeder

Tie the wire or string around the tree branch or a washing line. Keep the bird feeder as high off the ground as possible so the birds can feed safely.

Don’t forget to re-fill your feeders, especially in wintertime. Birds get used to feeding in the same places and will go hungry if you don’t re-stock.

Crafty Garden Ideas - Build a Bird Feeder

Crafty Garden Ideas – Build a Bird Feeder


Courtesy of Sainsbury’s Bank