Coming up with a novel child-made Christmas card can sometimes feel like an arduous task, but this year I have created a set of sweet cards that a child of any age can create. My charges enjoyed it from beginning to end, especially as they got to have their feet painted. My youngest charge was thoroughly upset when she had finished making her last one and realised that there were no more.

To make your own footprint penguin you will need:

  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black and white paper
  • Glue
  • Goggle eyes
  • Orange pen or pencil


1. Paint one of your little ones feet black and get them to press down onto some white paper.



2. Cut out some flippers from the black paper and a tummy section from the white paper.

3. Stick them onto the dried footprint, remember the heal of the foot will be the head of the penguin and the toes will be the penguins feet.




4. Add the goggle eyes and draw on the beak to complete your penguin.



My two charges have such high arches that there was hardly any paint where the arch goes, in the end I had to paint some of their footprints in otherwise they would have had very thin penguins.

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