How To Make A Week's Worth Of Smoothies On Sunday Evening

Green smoothies look and feel healthy. They’re the perfect way to get a good boost of vitamins and an excellent start to the day. However if you’ve ever put made a batch and put it in the fridge to save for later, you’ll realise these smoothies don’t save particularly well. Most often they’ll turn brown, separate and end up smelling pretty funky. Not appetising at all!

We’re far too busy to be prepping smoothies every evening or morning before work, so we wanted to share with you a simple trick. Make a batch of your favourite super smoothie on Sunday evening and freeze it in five different containers for the week. Grab one each morning and allow it to defrost in time for lunch. Your frozen drink will also make a fantastic ice pack for keeping the rest of your lunch cool!

There you have it. Five smoothies prepped in 10-15 minutes!

We love the the Green Citrus revitalising smoothie from Real Food Whole Life at the moment. It’s packed with spinach, banana, and orange goodness, and bursting with other superfood ingredients. Head over to the Real Food Whole Life website for the full recipe.

Featured Image Credit: Real Food Whole Life


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