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EC and YC have started to develop a healthy love for all things Harry Potter related. We took them to the studio tour, which is a fantastic day out for any Harry Potter fan out there. This summer they have had to keep a diary about what they have done each day; they only have to write a couple of sentences, on the day that EC wrote about going to on the studio tour he drew this really detailed picture of what his wand would have looked like. After he finished it we both kind of looked at it and said that it would really cool if we made our own wizard wands. So we did.

We spent a couple of days trying to find the perfect sticks to use and eventually found them when we weren’t actually looking for them. I think that they must have come from some sort of vine as they were incredible smooth to the touch.

You will need:

  • Sticks
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glitter (optional)

After we had found our perfect sticks we cut them down to the size we wanted (basically we broke them in half).


Then we painted them, both EC and YC went for multiple colours, whereas I wanted a more mysterious dark colour.

While we had been raiding the art cupboard for paints, we came across some tubes of glitter paint/glue which we definitely needed to use.

We added our glitter and then let them dry over night before trying them out the next day. Thankfully nobody has been turned into a toad yet.

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Make your own Harry Potter Wizard wand.