My eyes almost jumped out of their sockets when I came across Chociñata via a Facebook friend of mine. Believe me, these cakes are UNBELIEVABLE and perfect for any special occasion – think birthdays, think baby showers, think Christenings! These are cakes that your children will go completely mad for. The entire cake is completely edible and utterly delicious. The chocolate piñata is FILLED with sweets, chocolates, mini cupcakes, and gifts, all of your choice.



The very first step is to choose the shape of your chocolate piñata. You can choose from the cupcake shape, giant domes, butterflies and hearts – in fact, these guys are up for designing anything you can dream up. You can even ask the helpful Chociñata experts to personalise your cake, with a letter or perhaps even a personal message. Once the design has been chosen, the decorations have to be decided on, and the goodies of your choice crammed inside, you’re all set!



Smash and grab! 

Once the cake arrives, and everybody is gathered around in complete awe, all that’s left to do is smash the cake, grab the goodies and demolish it!

You saw it here first. These guys are going to be huge.