This week we’ve been making animation flip books. It has been a really fun process to see them come up with a little story for them to create and animate.

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You will need:

  • Paper
  • Staples or double sided sticky tape
  • Pencils

Cut your paper into small equal parts, stack together to make a booklet at either staple them together or use double sided sticky tape. I used the tape to our books and then used some washi tape to go around the binding.

When it comes to actually drawing the pictures, it is best to go for something simple that doesn’t require too much detail. This is because you will need to draw it over and over again on each page with slight changes to it; this is what makes it appear to move when you flick through. YC decided to draw a growing flower; EC was adamant that he wanted to do something a little bit more difficult, so he drew a man sitting on a chair that collapses! And me being the nerd that I am, went with an x-file themed UFO one.


We started drawing our flip books from the back page to the front page, we did this because it makes it easier to trace over things that you have previously drawn.

These are a fun little activity to do, and if you make a few extra booklets you can then pop them into your bag in case you need an activity to keep your little ones busy.

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How to make animation flip books with children. They also make wonderful items for busy bags.