I had planned to do this marble run with tapioca pearls during the summer. It was all thought out; I was going to set it up in the water tray table and let BB play with it outside during our glorious summer. The summer, however, passed us by in a quick blur and we never really found the time to do it.

At the beginning of October EC and YC both missed a day of school for a family event and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing with the marble run. BB was fascinated with it.  I was slightly nervous of him playing with it because of the chocking hazard the marbles present. Only once did I have to stop him. As he had enjoyed it so much I set up a toddler friendly one with the tapioca pearls.

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For this marble run with tapioca pearls you will need:

  • Tapioca pearls
  • Marble run

You could use water beads instead of the tapioca pearls. They would work brilliantly in a water tray. However, tapioca pearls are taste safe for children who have the tendency to put things in their mouths.

After doing this activity I definitely would say uncooked tapioca pearls work better for this. Cooked ones are very sticky. Anyway I cooked a batch of them, not knowing they would be sticky.  Then decided to leave them in the tray with some measuring cups for BB to discovery as well.

marble run with tapioca pearls

In the playroom I set up the marble run with the uncooked tapioca pearls and let B.B. play to his hearts content. I left the cooked ones on the side, and while he certainly did play with them, he wasn’t overly keen on them. It did provide me with entertainment, watching him try to pull of the sticky balls of one finger only to get it stuck on the other hand.

marble run with tapioca pearls

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Marble run with Tapioca Pearls for toddlers.

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