I met inspirational Daily Mirror/RSPCA ‘Vet of the Year’ Marc Abraham this morning as he popped into My Baba HQ to chat to me about the wise way to choose a puppy. It seems Marc is busy 24/7 campaigning against puppy farming as well as numerous other animal welfare issues including microchipping, rescue pet adoption, and responsible breeding, yet he wasn’t too busy to advise me last week when my own cat was unwell (legend). Marc is busy behind the scenes lobbying Westminster, to protect and improve the welfare of animals in our country.

I sat him down this morning to ask him how a family should approach the beloved task of choosing a dog – the wise way. Marc explains when best to get a dog, how best to integrate one into family life, and of some perfect breeds for families that often get overlooked. Can you guess which ones?!

Enjoy our interview, and please listen to the valuable advice given! Together we can ensure a healthy future for all our animals. Woof!

Download Marc’s Canine Care app HERE.