Your body changes more rapidly during pregnancy than at any other time of life. This means that it can be more difficult than usual to find a bra that fits perfectly and is comfortable too. However, it’s really important throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding that your bra fits well. Take a look at the tips below from maternity and nursing bra specialist, Royce Lingerie.

Most midwives and GPs recommend that pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mums wear a non-wired bra. Non-wired bras offer greater comfort than wired bras and will also help to avoid any potential damage or infections that may be caused by wearing a poorly fitting wired bra.

Maternity Bras

The term ‘maternity bra’ usually relates to bras that are designed to wear during pregnancy. Early on in your pregnancy, you can happily and healthily continue to wear your regular bras. However, once they begin to feel a little snug, it’s time to be fitted for your first maternity bra. Remember that every woman (and every pregnancy) is different so this could be a few weeks or a few months into pregnancy.

  • You don’t need to look specifically for bras which are labelled ‘maternity’. Any wirefree bra is perfect for pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, your bra should be fitted on the tightest hook to allow you to loosen it as your bump and breasts to grow.
  • Look for a bra which has a wide underband, a deep centre front and four eye adjustments.
  • Later in pregnancy you might like to start wearing a nursing bra (a bra with drop cup clips for feeding).
  • Towards the end of pregnancy, your breasts may start leaking colostrum so you may choose to wear breast pads (bear this in mind and leave a little extra room when you try on your bras).
  • You may also choose to wear a bra during the night for comfort and support.

Choosing a Nursing Bra

Between weeks 36 and 38 is the ideal time to buy your nursing bra. Nursing bras have drop cups clips to allow easy access at feed times.

  • Nursing bras should be properly fitted and wirefree to avoid any potential damage to milk ducts.
  • Look out for nursing bras which have retainer straps to enable the cup to drop down fully whilst holding the shoulder strap in place, without restricting your breasts.
  • Before birth, your nursing bra should be fitted on the loosest hook so it can be tightened once you’ve had your baby.
  • A few days after birth when your milk ‘comes in’ your breasts may increase by a cup size or two so if you’re in any doubt, buy a size bigger!
  • Make sure there’s plenty of room in the cups for your breast pads too.

Royce Lingerie’s Blossom Bra is perfect to wear for pregnancy and breastfeeding as it offers comfort and flexibility and can easily be adjusted to fit and support you at every stage.

When you’re fitting any new bra, remember the Five Point Rule:

  1. The bra should be quite firm around the body
  2. Shoulder straps loosened or tightened as necessary.
  3. Breasts should be well enclosed within the cup.
  4. Centre front should sit back reasonably well against the chest wall.
  5. Snug fit at neck edge and underarm edges (not too tight and not gaping).

For more information on fitting a wirefree bra, you can watch Royce Lingerie’s Fitting Video here.