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This maths activity is my new favourite game to play. I sort of based it of the game of snap, but it is also completely different (if that makes sense). EC and I played this while we were at the park the other day while taking a break from the heat.


You will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pens

You will need to have two sets of cards: sum cards and answer cards. You will need about 4 sum cards to every answer card.

On your answer card right a number, then come up with about 4 sums that produce that answer. For example if you answer is 8 you could have 4×2, 4+4, 10-2 and 16/2.

I did answer cards for 0-10 and then 4 simple sums for each.

The Rules

Deal out all the cards to everyone, but keep the cards face down.

Pick one answer card to play and put it in the middle.

Everyone then takes it in turns to play their top card.

When someone plays a sum card that equals the answer card everyone can slap the pile (just like in snap). The first person to slap it wins the answer card.

The game continues with a new answer card. If you run out of sum cards then just re-shuffle them and re deal them.

The person with the most answer cards at the end wins.

When EC and I were playing we played only 6 rounds, which ended in a tie.  Eventually this game should be a fast passed games as these sums become easier, but for the moment we played it at a slow pace to give him time to figure out the sums.

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