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Can A Particular Mattress Make Your Baby Have A Better Night’s Sleep?

I don’t know why I haven’t given it much thought before.  We spend almost half our life, especially as children, in bed so I’m guessing the mattress you choose is important.

A few weeks ago my son asked me to sleep in his room and I had one of the worst night’s sleep I can remember. The bunk bed itself was quite expensive and I must say the mattress was a bit of an after thought. I lay there for most of the night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and didn’t give it much thought after that. That was until last night when I tried a new type of mattress! Merifor asked me to trial their new Tranquillity Cot Mattress.

My first impression was how incredibly light and easy it was to change. My youngest is six months and has been ‘sleeping through’ the night for a couple of months. I use this term ‘sleeping through’ quite loosely as he does wake with the odd cry and certainly wakes earlier than I would like in the morning.

I’m writing this post only one night in to this new type of mattress. It’s a mattress that they say grows with your child. It has Ellergenic technology (which I’ll come back to), as well as heat-regulating and anti-allergy properties. I have to say I’m seriously impressed. I put my son down to sleep at 7pm and he fell asleep as soon as I put him down and I didn’t hear even a murmur until just before 7am this morning! My daughter came in to see me with a nightmare in the early hours and I couldn’t help but wonder if Merifor did a slightly bigger mattress??!!

Now for the intel: The Tranquillity is a mattress with two cores for support and longevity. The mattress has foam one side, for the infant, and micro pocket springs on the other side. The mattress has adaptive micro pocket springs for when the baby weighs over 10kg.

It also has crush resistant sidewalls so the foam keeps its structure over time – this sound pretty sensible considering how much the children like standing and jumping around on the bed! Then the Ellergenic technology is what I love the sound of. There’s a sealed waterproof inner core and the outer cover can easily be stripped off and washed. This technology seals the body of the mattress to keep it 100% clean and means that dust mites and germs can’t grow in inaccessible places. The special cover combats germs and keeps it hygienic at a time when I often find you’re stripping the sheets often daily. My son suffered from bad reflux, which meant mountains of washing but also a worry of germs in his cot; so this element gets a tick from me.

Having been asked by Merifor to try the mattress out, after just one night, again I shall be waiting with baited breath for 7pm tonight and crossing my fingers that a mattress really can have an effect on our children’s sleep. Stay tuned!

*Since writing this piece, I’ve had exactly nine full night’s sleep and counting!

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