This morning I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out how to add multiple photos to my post. I could do it yesterday, but not today. What’s changed? Am I going nuts? Why can’t I add multiple photos on Instagram? I deleted the app, reinstalled the app, no change. Turned my phone off, turned my phone on, no change. Don’t bother doing those things. Read on.

How to post multiple photos on Instagram

I mean, don’t you just hate it when apps make changes and don’t keep you updated? I’ve been baffled this morning trying to figure out what has happened to the Instagram multiple photos function.

But, fear not, I eventually worked how to add multiple photos on Instagram the 2021 way. There has been an update to the app and they’ve not told us, but all you have to do to add multiple Instagram images is to hold down on your first selected image to add more. Easy when you know how, eh?!

Apparently, this option has been available for some time, but we’re seeing lots of users reporting that the ‘select multiple’ button has just disappeared without any notice or advice on how to work around it. So now you know how to add multiple photos on Instagram!

You’re welcome 🙂


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