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The Measure: What’s Hot For Parents & Kids

Joie raises the safety hame with Elevate R129

Joie have been developing car seats for many years and are forerunners when it comes to providing the very best in car seat design and safety. As the most up-to-date safety standard is now R129, they’ve made the decision to update their range of seats to bring them in line with the new standard – and the latest to the party is none other than elevateTM R129.

The Elevate offers 3 seats in 1 – a child seat and booster suitable forward facing from 76cm – 150cm. It provides layers of protection with full impact protection lining in the headrest and upper body area. It’s packed with plushness from top to bottom, with added layers of cushioning to ensure your little one is always snug and safe.

Did you know?

The R129 standard offers upgraded improvements in how seats are tested – including side-impact testing as standard, as well as using the latest crash test dummies with increased sensors that more accurately represent the effects of a crash on a child’s body.


MTick Award, HotTea Mama

HotTea Mama proudly announces that two of its organic teas, Take a Pause and Night Owl, have received the prestigious MTick certification from menopause partner, GenM. These plant-based, plastic-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly teas offer excellent value as each tea bag can be used for two cups.

Take A Pause contains Raspberry Leaf, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, and Valerian Root to address menopause symptoms, while Night Owl combines Chamomile, Lavender, Valerian Root, and Rooibos for stress relief and promoting sleep.

These thoughtfully balanced blends provide multiple benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and support for bone health.

Annabelle Minerals launch new skincare collection

Annabelle Minerals has launched a new skincare brand focused on 100% natural ingredients. Their cosmetics are carefully crafted using green recipes and plant-based ingredients for a truly wholesome skincare experience.

Clarity Juice Niacinamide Serum

An advanced 5% niacinamide serum, supported by N-acetylglucosamine, rice bioferment, and centella asiatica extract, the Annabelle Minerals Clarity Juice reduces the visibility of pores and smoothes the skin texture while firming and reducing imperfections. It also works to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and is perfect for all skin types.

Repair Juice Retinol Serum

An advanced 0.3% retinol serum enriched with alfalfa, edelweiss extracts, and orchid stem cells formulated to rebuild and smooth the skin’s texture. The Repair Juice Retinol serum reduces fine lines, brightens, and improves firmness.

Glow Juice Vitamin C Serum

The Glow Juice Vit C serum is an advanced 20% vitamin C serum, enriched with ferulic acid, vitamin E and quercetin, concentrated to rejuvenate and brighten all skin types.

Dandydill Way

Founded by former celebrity make-up artist Tania Rodney, Dandydill Way is an award-winning grooming range for children that harnesses nature and skin-loving ingredients while celebrating childhood adventures through its whimsical packaging.

Not content with what was on offer for her daughter, Tania set out on a mission to create an eco-chic yet playful brand. Teaming up with an award-winning cosmetic science team, Tania spent five years meticulously researching and testing natural ingredients.

Reminiscing about her childhood in rural Yorkshire and remembering the power of natural cures, Tania employed a professional forager to collect wild hawthorn berries, which she knew boasted a rich supply of Vitamin C, antioxidants and phytonutrients, ensuring they are extremely beneficial to human health.

Each product is comprised of more than 95% natural ingredients and is free from all chemical nasties, including SLS, SLES, alcohol and parabens. With gentle and mild formulations that respect and protect the skin and natural pH balance, Dandydill can be used safely from birth on even the most sensitive skin and fragile hair, ensuring that bath time is a luxurious as well as fun ritual!

The Holiday Shop, H&M

Stay comfortable and cool this summer with H&M’s Holiday Shop, catering to the entire family. Explore a wide range of summer essentials, including tees, shorts, sandals, denim, shirts, and swimwear. Get everything you need for your summer plans in one place. Here are a few of our favourite items for the kids!

Toy Of The Week

Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

Opening kids up to be able to safely explore a world of engaging audio, building independence, and inspiring imaginations, one story, podcast or song at a time. Not only supporting independent play, listening and learning from 3+, but the genius Yoto Player is ideal under supervision from day dot; and now, with the new, improved battery life (3x longer than the 2nd Generation), it’s non-stop audio fun.

Inspired by Montessori principles, the Yoto Player is activated via Yoto Cards, which are slotted into the audio player to activate audiobooks, music, podcasts, and activities.

With hundreds of epic stories to choose from, from Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Disney, Roald Dahl and Marvel, to name just a few, the adored audio player is also bursting with free content, including fun or calming sleepy soundscapes, age-appropriate radio stations, and sleepy radio to enjoy through the night (timings selected by parents on the Yoto app), as well as fresh content released every day, with the Yoto Daily micro podcast.


Pushing all the boundaries for audio excellence with the new acoustically engineered stereo sound in the Yoto Player 3rd Generation, it now offers so much more than sound, doubling up as a room thermometer that can be monitored from the Yoto App. It also has a night light with multiple colours, an ok-to-wake alarm to gently wake little ones, and even a tooth brushing and tidy-up timer! What’s not to love?

Latest Books

Lottie Brooks’s Totally Disastrous School-Trip, Katie Kirby

Lottie Brooks continues to navigate the many perils of growing up in this fantastically funny illustrated series for a 9-12 audience, filled with friendship, embarrassing moments and plenty of lols.

Woe is me. So much is wrong in my life…

Still look like a tomato

Am stuck indoors whilst my friends go bowling without me (rude)

My parents are leaving me to go out on a ‘Date Night’. GROSS!

After a summer of meeting handsome French boys and getting a tiny bit sunburnt. OK, fine – a lot sunburnt, Lottie’s heading off on a week-long residential school trip. A whole week away from embarrassing parents and Toby’s tasty air biscuits!

But the trip soon turns into a total disaster. The other girls staying at the camp are MEGA-MEAN, best friend Jess is spending all her time with new girl Isha, and Lottie’s diary gets stolen!

Who knew a school trip could cause so much DRAMA?!

What’s On

Bluey, Bingo and Hey Duggee are coming to Marwell Zoo!

Marwell Zoo is excited to welcome three CBeebies favourites over the summer with special Thursday Fun Days throughout the school holidays.

Bluey and her little sister Bingo, from the much-loved children’s TV show Bluey, will be visiting the zoo on 27 July, 10 August and 24 August.

Hey Duggee, a favourite with children and adults alike, will be taking a break from running Squirrel Club to visit to Marwell on 3 August and 17 August.

Join the playful characters for their story time sessions at intervals throughout the day (11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.) Don’t forget to bring your camera!

The characters will have a designated appearance arena on the back lawn of Marwell Hall to ensure as many guests as possible can see them on a first-come first-served basis. Please be aware there will be limited capacity so if it is particularly busy, come back later.



Guests must pre-book a daytime zoo admission ticket and members must also pre-book their free ticket online ahead of their visit as we expect these dates to be particularly busy and there will be limited capacity.

We will be unable to allow anyone entry who has not prebooked on our website for those dates including members, under 3s and free carers. All other ticket types such as complimentary and third-party tickets will not be valid. Tickets will go on sale on Monday 10 July.

Marwell Zoo covers 140 acres with hundreds of exotic and endangered animals, five adventure play areas, cafes and ice cream stops.

On the My Baba Wishlist…

Heart Playmat, Childhome

In The Spotlight: Charterhouse Sleepover Bed From Aspace

Introducing the Charterhouse Sleepover Bed, a stylish solution that will transform your child’s room into a sleepover haven!

Crafted with exquisite panelling detail and available in five timeless colours (Aspace can also colour-match any F&B or Little Greene colours), this space-saving superstar features a full-sized single bed and a roll-out trundle bed for those frequent guest visits. Smooth castors allow effortless manoeuvrability, and the trundle bed can be used independently too.

As your little ones grow, the trundle bed offers ample storage space. Versatile, safe, and oh-so-comfortable, the Charterhouse Sleepover Bed is perfect for any interior style. Upgrade your sleepover game today!

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In The Spotlight

Shnuggle are proud to introduce the ‘Shnuggle Air Lite Bedside Crib’

This premium modern crib suits any interior with dual-view mesh panels for airflow and a quiet zip-down side for nighttime access. It includes an airflow mattress, hypo-allergenic fabrics, and complies with safety standards, featuring a low-level safety wall. Designed to ease colic and reflux, it offers six height adjustments and comes in compact taupe and grey options.



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