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The Measure: What’s Hot For Parents & Kids

On the My Baba Wishlist…

Home Care Roller, Dermaroller


Pelvic Floor Trainer, Elvie

What is Elvie Trainer used for?

Pelvic floor problems are surprisingly common, affecting 1 in 3 women and up to 80% of expectant and new mums. The solution? Pelvic floor training.

Elvie Trainer is an expert-designed device that measures pelvic floor contractions, cutting the guesswork out of your workout.

Connect to a gamified app to visualise and perfect your technique.


Drift Gliding Crib, Ickle Bubba

Have you envisioned a baby crib that delicately sways your little one into a peaceful slumber? Witness your baby comfortably drifting off to sleep with the Drift Gliding Crib by Ickle Bubba.

Crafted with the intention of promoting serene sleep, this crib is suitable from birth to 9kg. It features breathable mesh panels, a cosy mattress, and a gliding function that can be switched to static mode when required, ensuring a tranquil night for both you and your little one.

Pippeta Pump

These compact pumps will fit in to your bra and your schedule, with minimum fuss and complete discretion. Plus, there’s no need to take ‘time out’ to pump. Whilst the pump effectively and quietly expresses your milk, your hands are free to enjoy cuddles or carry on with household chores – the choice is yours!

Designed with comfort in mind, they utilise soft, flexible silicone breast shields that conform to your breast shape to reduce the risk of discomfort and soreness you might have experienced with traditional flanges.

These pumps also have a long use time of 90-100 minutes and a charging time of just 2.5 hours, which means you can pump as much milk as your body allows without any interruptions. Plus, with a 180ml bottle capacity, you can ensure that you have more than enough milk for your little one every day.


HydroPeptide Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash and Lumi Firm Radiant Tightening Lotion

Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash

This gentle yet effective body cleanser combines chemical exfoliants, brightening agents, and stimulating botanicals to deliver dramatic age-defying results while purifying the skin. Suitable for all skin types, the Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash lifts impurities without stripping skins natural moisture, dissolves surface buildup and excess oils, visibly refines discolorations, evens skin tone/texture, minimises the appearance of cellulite whilst boosting the firmness and elasticity and deeply hydrates and balances skins barrier.

Lumi Firm Radiant Tightening Lotion

Addressing multiple skin concerns, the Lumi Firm Radiant Tightening Lotion is a meticulously formulated tightening lotion with a harmonious blend of potent antioxidants, strengthening peptides, and barrier-restorative agents, designed to rejuvenate the skin and promote a firmer, healthier-looking complexion. Compatible with all skin types, the Lumi Firm deeply hydrates and prevents moisture loss in skin, enhances skin firmness and elasticity, boosts natural defences against UV/free radical-related skin damage, promotes less visible stretch mark texture and discolouration, visibly refines dark spots and even skin tone and helps to sooth and restore skins natural barrier function.



Toy Of The Week


Crazy Cart Shuffle, Razor

The Crazy Cart Shuffle offers an exhilarating and enjoyable experience for kids, as it is a go-kart powered by their own movement. Riders can effortlessly drive, drift, and spin by shuffling their feet back and forth. To add to the excitement, lifting the Drift Bar initiates the thrilling sensation of drifting and spinning freely. The innovative design of the Crazy Cart Drift Bar puts complete control of drifts and spins directly in the hands of the rider. With its user-friendly drive and drift systems, the Shuffle is designed to provide an easy and fun experience for riders of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or experts.

Latest Books

MUMMY & ME, Lydia Bright and Illustrated by Jojo Clinch

MUMMY AND ME is the heart-warming debut picture book from much-loved TV personality, influencer and entrepreneur Lydia Bright, beautifully illustrated by Jojo Clinch.

Lydia was inspired to write the story during her journey as a single mother and it is a celebration of single parenting.

Etta and Mummy are a terrific team of two – a small family, perfectly formed. But on one of their “Magic Making Days”, they decide to write their very own story together. In it, Etta meets a big pirate family and starts to wonder what life would be like if it wasn’t just her and Mummy.

With magic, adventure and a little bit of chaos, this is an enchanting story that celebrates the bonds within families big and small. Lydia says: “I started writing when I was a little lost and discovered my set-up was to be very similar to that of elephants in the wild – this became the foundation of my characters and creating a story for my future daughter, so she could feel represented.”

What’s On

Lunar New Year at Museum of London Docklands

Start the new year with a roar!

Listen to classic Chinese folktales, learn how to ribbon dance, master martial arts moves and make crafts inspired by this celebration. This family-friendly weekend is perfect way to introduce the little ones to the different traditions of Lunar New Year.

This family-friendly weekend is the perfect way to introduce the little ones to the different traditions of Lunar New Year.

London Card Show, Sandown Racecourse

Built by businessman Harry Reynolds, the London Card Show is a family-friendly event built by family for family (he and his whole extended family run the show, so they know what’s what). The show now boasts an incredible 550 tables across the weekend, offering visitors big and small everything and anything that they can think of.

Coming to Esher, Sandown Race Course on the HALF-TERM OF 10-11th of February, the show is jam-packed with activities and events to keep even the most hyper of kids focused, including a dedicated Kids Zone for all the little ones, a Main Stage to teach everyone all about the world of cards and gaming and for the most tech-savvy among us, a dedicated section for streaming and VR (not just for the kids)!

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