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The Measure: What’s Hot For Parents & Kids

The Night Drink, Ten PM

Peter Rabbit X The Nappy Den

Delve into the enchanting world of the Peter Rabbit™ x The Nappy Den collection, where you’ll discover a timeless assortment of reusable essentials crafted with care for your precious little one. This captivating collection features six exquisite new designs, each meticulously crafted to celebrate The World Of Peter Rabbit™.

VQ Skylark TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, Amazon

The Skylark TWS earbuds with stunning Cath Kidston designer prints sound like a dream for audiophiles! Their emphasis on delivering rich, high-quality audio across all frequencies is impressive. Plus, the convenience factor with Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility and easy pairing is a big win for users who want hassle-free connectivity. The added bonus of water resistance and stylish packaging makes them not only functional but also stylish and durable. It sounds like a product that could easily become a go-to choice for anyone who loves to immerse themselves in music or other audio content.

Toy Of The Week

BABY born Lena 36cm, Baby born

The cutest baby starter dolls for toddlers aged 1 year and above, BABY born Lena has seven lifelike functions and comes with everything she needs for a new doll parent. She can drink water from her bottle, wet her nappy for changing or use her pink potty. BABY born Lena’s eyes will magically open and close when turning her dummy left or right. Lay her down to sleep and she’ll close her eyes without her dummy. She can even splash about in the bath!

Latest Books

Your Resilient Child, Peter Walker

This book originates from what babies and children have shown me during some forty years or more of practice. Childhood leaves a lasting imprint on our lives, and especially the crucial period from conception to two and a half years of age, often referred to as the first 1001 critical days.

Your Resilient Child is about the milestones on that journey from birth to standing, and ways in which parents and other caregivers can help that process along, through massage and ‘therapeutic play’ – even when a baby’s development is delayed by illness or other factors. Although the basic stages of physical growth are universal for every child, for those experiencing a problem with one or another of these milestones, taking action sooner rather than later is key. With a combination of warmth and purposeful play, Your Resilient Child can enable every parent and carer to guide their child towards a path of typical developmental progress.

Black & White in Color, Tana Hoban

From the acclaimed and bestselling creator Tana Hoban, this sturdy accordion-format board book features iconic black-and-white images of recognizable objects from a child’s world accompanied by full-color photographs of babies interacting with those objects. A perfect gift for new parents and for tummy time.

Before babies can see color clearly, they respond to the high contrast between black and white. This accordion-style foldout board book is sturdy enough to stand on its own, is ideal for little hands, and features Tana Hoban’s bold and iconic black-and-white images of familiar objects along with full-colour photographs of adorable babies interacting with those objects.

What’s On

Chestertons Polo in the Park, Hurlingham Park, London

Teams representing six different cities from around the world will compete over three days of exhilarating polo matches. Attendees can expect to witness a minimum of three games of polo each day.

On Cudo Compuye International Friday this year, spectators will have the opportunity to watch the England Polo Team take on the Ireland Polo Team as they vie for the prestigious Olympic Trophy.

For those experiencing the event for the first time, the organisers invite you to indulge in their unique format of fast-paced and action-packed polo. The rules of polo have been refined to intensify the game and bring spectators closer to the excitement. Amidst exploring the shopping village and savouring delectable food offerings, attendees can spectate the polo matches from various vantage points such as bars, gardens, or grandstands, all while enjoying lively music and endless entertainment with friends.

May Half-Term, Wakehurst

This May half-term, Wakehurst invites children to take on the next Nature Heroes mission! Families can take part in the Nature Olympics, compete in Olympic-themed games and learn all about record-breaking plants and fungi. This is the ultimate activity for families looking to get outdoors and connect with nature, with a beautiful, embroidered badge up for grabs. Suitable for ages 3+, Nature Olympics takes place from 25 May to 2 June, and can be booked online, or when visiting the gardens.


Graco Energi i-Size R129 Car Seat

The Graco Energi i-Size R129 car seat provides a perfect combination of comfort, safety, and value for little ones. Protecting your child in line with the latest EU safety regulations whilst being packed full of features, the Energi i-Size R129 offers parents and carers fantastic value for money at just £120, and the plush memory foam seat pad, padded armrests and built-in ventilation help make journeys pleasant for your little passenger.

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In The Spotlight

Start-Rite First Walking Shoes

As soon as your little one begins to explore outside on two feet, they need to have the right sort of protection and support. The diverse range of styles and fits available at Start-Rite Shoes are sure to suit the specific needs of your toddling explorer. Made from durable soft leathers and ultra-flexible lightweight soles, their gorgeous range is designed to suit the natural walking style of your child during this important developmental phase.



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