If you have ever seen Disney’s movie Tangled, you will know that lanterns play a huge part of it. Disney know how popular they are and have incorporated a lantern parade into their Tangle themed restaurant onboard the Disney Magic. I’ve always wanted to make my own, and this inspired me to make melted crayon lanterns as night lights.

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To make your own melt crayon lanterns you will need:

  • Crayons
  • Grater
  • Parchment paper
  • Craft sticks
  • Iron
  • Glue

melted crayon lanterns

Start by grating your crayons over the parchment paper. I wouldn’t use too many colours at once.

melted crayon lanterns

Fold your parchment paper in half, then using a hot iron, run it over your paper quickly. This is why you don’t want too many colours, it tends to make a brown mess when the colours blend together.

To make the sun on my lantern I actually placed some parchment paper into the oven for a few minutes. Then took it out to draw on it. While the tray was still hot the crayon melted as I used it to colour the design. When the tray cooled down too much, I simply popped it back into the oven for a few more minutes.

Glue your craft sticks onto the parchment paper. I made mine into a square, whereas YC did hers as a triangle. Next trim off all the excess paper.  When you have enough sides to your lantern, glue them together.

I think they turned out really nicely, and when illuminated they make a really lovely night light.

If you enjoyed this be sure to check out my melted crayon pictures.

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melted crayon lanterns - make perfect night lights for children