Meningitis Now apps are like a mini versions of their website, and feature a full list of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia, information on the after-effects of the disease and details all of the free, professional meningitis services that they provide. They also have useful links to find your nearest A&E or GP in an emergency.

Hollie Weeks was a bubbly three year old when she fell ill with viral meningitis in June 2012. Her Mum Claire used the iPhone app to spot the signs and symptoms, and in doing so saved her daughter’s life.

When Hollie began suffering with headaches, severe vomiting and a stiff neck, a worried Claire used the app and recognised her worst fears -it was meningitis. Hollie is now recovering from her ordeal after doctors said she was hours away from not pulling through.

Claire downloaded the app after hearing about the disease and its risks after a classmate of Hollie’s sister died from meningitis earlier in the year.

Although Hollie was diagnosed and treated promptly, she still suffered a stroke down her right side and lost her speech. Months later she has most of her mobility back, but still experiences co-ordination problems with her right hand. She also finds it difficult to concentrate and gets tired easily.

Claire says: “My daughter could have died, but what I’d heard about the disease, and the app, meant we had the confidence and knowledge to rush Hollie to hospital, which saved her life. The Meningitis Trust has since been a lifeline to me and my family through this very difficult time. They have provided counselling for me, art therapy for my eldest daughter, and their continued support is invaluable to us.”

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Where can I get more information and support?

The Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK merged in April 2013 to form the UK’s biggest meningitis charity. The unity brings together the best expertise in research and prevention with support services and after-care – to better fight the disease on all fronts. The merged charity also delivers comprehensive awareness campaigns, with free symptoms packs, experts and other information materials readily available to all. Its range of free, tailored support is provided when, where and however it’s needed, by a team of community staff right across the UK. Call them today on 0800 028 18 28 or visit Meningitis Now for lots of information about the disease and the support they can offer.