As I am sure you must have heard, Mickey Mouse just had his 90th birthday! Pretty remarkable to think about. I’ve been quite busy getting Christmas crafts sorted, but I wanted to do at least one activity based on the mouse. After much consideration I decided to do a Mickey Mouse sensory tray.

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For this Mickey Mouse sensory tray you will need:

Dried beans*
Food colouring
Zip lock bag or container
Small containers and things to pour

*I used haricot beans, butter beans, and black beans.

Beans are notoriously difficult to dye. Or at least I find that statement to be true. It took me two different attempts to get it to work. The key is to use liquid food colouring rather than a paste or a gel. Put the beans and food colouring into a container or zip lock bag and shake until the colour is evenly spread. Empty them onto a tray to dry. I put mine into the warming oven of the aga to help dry the colours. The yellow ones set very quickly, but the red ones took ages and even then they left some colouring on our hands when we played with them.

When all your beans are dried add them all to the tray. I also added the small Tsum Tsum figurines, some measuring cups and a smaller tray.

BB really enjoyed playing with this Mickey Mouse sensory tray. Initially he played with it for about 10 minutes, then I left it on the playroom table for him to come and go from.

mickey mouse sensory tray

When it came to tiding up I placed all the beans into an air tight container so that we can use it another time.

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Mickey Mouse Sensory Tray for toddlers.