Did you ever have one of those toys that was in the shape of cone with a ball attached by a bit of string and you had to try and catch it in the cone? No? Well I did, and I loved it, I still have it, in fact it now forms part of my rainy day box that sits under my bed and I still find it as difficult to do now as I did as a child. I also had a different version that when you clicked a trigger it shot the ball into the air and you had to catch it. Well this game is sort of based on those old toys.

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You will need:

  • 1 or 2 milk bottles
  • Duck tape
  • A ball
  • Scissors

Wash out the milk bottles and dry them thoroughly.

Cut them about ¾ way down and throw away the bottoms; you want to keep the part that has the handle.

Decorate them using duck or washi tape.



Here are a few games you could play with them:

Game 1
1 player

All they need to do is throw the ball up and catch it in their milk carton.

Game 2
2 players
You can add rules like if you miss a ball then you have to put the carton in the other hand, stand on one leg, kneel down, sit down and then lie down to make it harder.

Game 3
For 3+ players
Piggy in the middle
Have 2 people on the outside with the cartons and everyone else in the middle has to try and get the ball.

Game 4
2+ players (depending on how many milk bottle catchers you have)
Don’t touch the ball!
In this game no one is allowed to physically touch the ball with their hands; they have to throw the ball using the catcher and if they drop it they have to scoop if up using their catcher without using their hands. If someone does touch it you can make him or her do a forfeit.


They invented their own game: try to steal the ball of each other while on their scooter bugs

These games may help development of:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Hand to eye co-ordination
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Turn taking

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Use an old bilk bottle to create a catching mit.