I had a couple of fillable baubles left over from Christmas and have been thinking of ways to use them up. I have always liked making mini fish tanks as a craft. Normally I would make them out of a paper plate, but these baubles make the perfect mini bauble fish tanks.

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You will need:

Mini bauble fish tank

Start by using your hot glue gun to make some mini fish onto the baking paper. It took me a few goes to get the shape I wanted. When they have dried you will be able to just pick them straight off of the baking paper.

Draw around half of the bauble and draw your background on to it. Cut it out.

Mini bauble fish tank


Colour in the glue fish using the sharpies and glue them onto the background. I did try sticking thread to the back of the fish and hanging them inside the bauble, but it was too fiddly.

Mini bauble fish tank

Next glue some of the small stones to the bottom of the bauble.

Finally glue the paper background (with the fish on) to the bauble. If you are using hot glue to do this, then I recommend glueing half of it at a time. Otherwise by the time you have finished going round the bauble with the glue the first part will have dried.

When it is all finished you can stick it up on to a wall.

YC loved making her fish tank. She now has a little one in the playroom that she doesn’t have to worry about cleaning out or feeding them.

If you liked making this mini bauble fish tanks why not try making paper flowers, pasta snails, or some foil art.

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Mini bauble fish tank - kids craft