Mini Christmas Bottles: A Christmas Craft for Tweens and Teens

Blogger / 6 December, 2020 / Nanny Anita

Mini Christmas Bottles: A Christmas Craft for Tweens and Teens

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Today’s Christmas craft is aimed at older children and teenagers. I came up with the idea while clearing up one of my craft boxes. I found some mini bottles that had been used to make memory jars and some fimo modelling clay and thought that they would make really a sweet mini Christmas bottle scene. It is better suited to older children as it requires advanced fine motor skills.

You will need:


  • Mini bottles with corks
  • Fimo modelling clay
  • PVA glue/ clear nail varnish
  • Glitter
  • Super glue
  • Tweezers


Use modelling clay to make mini figures, like Christmas trees, snowmen, robins etc. It is important to make sure that the figures fit into the bottle. I felt really smart that I checked my snowman would fit through the top of the bottle, however I forgot to check it still went through after I had added its scarf and nose. Which was a bit of a problem later on.

It is handy to have a wet wipe to use between colours, as it can stain your hands and then come off on lighter coloured modelling clay. I had to restart my snowman a few times as the white clay kept going a brownish colour.

To harden the clay you will need to be bake it on 110c for about 15-30 minutes depending on the type you have. Check the packaging for more details.  Make sure you put it on some baking parchment so that it does’t stick to the tray.


After it has been cooked and cooled down, cover it in a layer of PVA glue or clear nail vanish. I used PVA this time as I had mislaid my nail varnish.  It doesn’t really matter which one you use, they both have the same affect.

Very carefully add some super glue to the bottom of the figures and use tweezers to place them into the bottle. This is when I had issues with my Snowman; I actually ended up breaking his nose off! Don’t worry though, once he was in the bottle I managed to stick it back on.

Finally add some glitter for that extra bit of sparkle and fit the cork into the top.

After much debate I decided to leave my bottles as table decorations, but you could always glue the cork in and add some ribbon to it so that they can hang from the Christmas tree.

These decorations have to be my favourite ones I have made over the years. There is just something special about them that will make you fall in love with them.  Next time I am going to try making a ginger house one! But that will take a lot of practice to make it detailed and small enough to fit. Hopefully when EC and YC are older I will be able to do this craft with them.

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Make these adorable mini christmas bottles using modelling clay. Great as either tree or table decorations. Craft for older children/tweens and teens.

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