The other week my boss came into the playroom while BB and I were doing an Easter craft and she commented that after 9 years, how did I still have new Easter crafts to do.  Well, I may have new Easter crafts, but I am beginning to struggle to think of mew Mother’s Day gifts.  It took me a while, but I remembered that BB and his mum like to draw hearts on each other’s hands when he is going to school.  That way he can always feel loved and connected with her when she is not there.  This gave me the idea to make mini felt hearts.  Now she can have one from BB to carry around with her.

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To make your own mini felt hearts you will need:

  • Felt
  • Pen
  • Heart shape cookie cutter
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Stuffing

Draw two hearts on your felt and cut them out.  I used the cookie cutter because it would mean both hearts were the same.

Sew the two hearts together.  I used a blanket stitch because I like how it turns out.  But a running stitch is great for little ones.  BB did the running stitch.

mini felt hearts

If you want to do the blanket stitch, then this is a very basic run down.  There will be some great YouTube videos out there.  I always start my stitch from the top.  Go through both pieces of fabric from the top side.

mini felt hearts

Sorry if it isn’t clear, it is hard to take a picture of doing it one handed.

Then before you completely pull the thread through, put the needle though the loop.

Continue these two steps.  It is important to make sure that with the next stitch it is coming from the top to the bottom.  They must go in the same direction.

Just before you sew around the whole heart, put some stuffing inside.  This can be cotton wool or other bits of spare fabric.

I even turned one of mine into a key ring.

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Mini felt hearts - the perfect little handmade gift for Mother's day.