It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the country, when children are let loose on scooters, bikes or anything that means they have a head start on you, it can be scary. My son was riding his bike on a private country foot path last weekend and a 4×4 came hearing around the corner almost knocking him down. Another child was almost run over at school on his scooter yesterday. Now in most circumstances, it’s a freak accident and nothing can help but in my book, anything to make our children safer on our roads has to be a good thing.

This new ‘get noticed’ Mini Hornet accessory is a sensible option for any kid who likes to roll on a bike or scooter.  It has a 12 lumen bike light whatever that is and produces 25 fun sound effects from bells and horns to cars and animals. It also has a remote trigger and clips on to any bike or scooter. It comes in four fun colours and costs just under twenty quid.