Mini Me Fashion For Mother-Daughter Style | My Baba Parenting Blog announced the launch of their kids shoes range with the launch of a fabulous mini-me collection that we can’t get enough of. Mini-me fashion isn’t anything new though, celebs have been at it for years, but it’s still right on trend and seriously adorable. So we’ve collected a few of our favourites, including some (okay, a lot) of the collection. Envie De Fraise ensure your little guy isn’t left out with a family outfit we love too!

Mother-Daughter Matching Dress, Tiny Bunny Kids, Etsy

Dalia Ls Dress, Envie De Fraise

Robe Fille Angelina, Envie De Fraise

Mother and Daughter Matching Dress Set, Mummy And Child, Etsy

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat Velvet Ballerinas,

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat Velvet Ballerinas Kids,

Dolce & Gabbana Fur Slides,

Dolce & Gabbana Fur Slides Kids,

Aquazzura Powder Puff 105 Suede Slingback Pumps,

Aquazzura Powder Puff 105 Suede Slingback Ballerinas,

Gold Glitter Hair Bows Set, Magenta Ginger, Etsy

Maternity Dress Elia LS, Envie De Fraise

Robe Fille Angelina LS, Envie De Fraise

Maternity Blouse Orso, Envie De Fraise

GUCCI Ace Leather Sneakers,

GUCCI Ace Leather Sneakers Kids ,

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