I’m so excited, in a few weeks we are off to LA!  Which means that I have started putting together a small collection of busy bags to take with us.  For trips like this I try to take a couple of new ones.  Ones that are small so they don’t take up much room or weight in my hand luggage.  These mini pick up sticks fit perfectly into that category. 

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You will need:

  • Toothpicks
  • Pens 
  • An elastic band
  • You will need about 30 toothpicks. 

Divide the toothpicks up into 2 or 3 groups, then keep 1 separate from those groups.  

mini pick up sticks

Colour the tips of each group a different colour.  The one separate one needs to be a different colour to the rest.  

The elastic band is just to keep them altogether.  

How to play mini pick up sticks

Simply you are trying to win as many points as possible by collecting the most sticks.  Each stick has a different number of points allocated to them.  

Red – 1

Blue – 2

Green – 5

Purple – 15

To set up hold the toothpicks together and let them go.  

Each person takes it turn to pick up the sticks without moving any of the other ones.  If they manage to remove a stick then they get another go.  When another stick moves then your go is over.

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Make your own mini pick up sticks busy bag using toothpicks. Busy bag for children