Do you ever put off finishing a project and for a while, and then poof, years have gone by and you still haven’t completed it yet. I started this mini zoo busy bag when YC was 3. Yeah, she’s now 8. I’m not sure why I decided now was the perfect time to complete it, maybe I was just fed up of having this incomplete activity sitting on my desk, but finally it is finished.

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To make your own mini zoo you will need:

*The mini animals I used are from Safari Ltd and are the Good Luck Mini Safari figures. I picked mine up from a local zoo, but they are probably available on amazon.

To make the each fence I used 3 mini sticks, one of which I cut in half, and then glued to the other two. As the fence won’t stand up but itself, I used some air drying clay to make some feet for the fence to sit on. You don’t have to use clay, play dough or plasticine would work just as well.

Finally I cut out some coloured felt to create different ground like grass, water, and desert.

I’m not sure why I originally stopped. It probably took me about an hour to make the whole thing while watching a movie. But this mini zoo busy bag seems to be a firm favourite with BB and YC, so I am glad I finally got it finished in time for the holidays.

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Mini zoo busy bag