Mission impossible sight word game

Activities & Days Out / 2 January, 2020 / Nanny Anita

Mission Impossible Style Sight Words Game

Do you know what will get children jumping up and down with excitement and wanting to do their homework? Showing them that they are doing it Mission Impossible style with an obstacle course.  Now before you groan and think that you have to turn your living room into some giant obstacle course, all you actually need is a table.


You will need:

  • wool
  • tape
  • paper
  • pen

Place chairs around the table facing outwards.

Wrap the wool around the legs to create an obstacle course.

Tape some of the words/letters to the wool.


We had such fun playing this game, they played it for almost 2 hours, then got some guests who had come to visit to go through it as well.  For YC I told her which word to find and then she would head through the maze to get to it.  For EC we did used it to practice his spellings, I would tell his the word and he would have to hunt for the letters and then when he had all the letters he had to put the spelling together.  Yes I know that is a really long way to do spellings, but EC really enjoyed it and wanted to do it all.

To add a little more fun into the mix, I tied a few bells onto the wool.  If they made them it ring then they got a forfeit, of course they were very keen to tell on each other if they rang it.  My favourite part was when YC turned round and said “I didn’t make it ring, it did it all by itself”.

This a pretty simple activity to set up, even if you don’t do at as a sight word activity, it is definitely one that your little ones would love.

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