Monkey Music was the very first baby class I ever took Maddie to. I remember that day so vividly; I posted about it on Instagram as I was so terrified at the thought of my first time at a mummy and baby group. Seven fun-filled months later, I’m signing Maddie up to her third term, I think we’ve only missed two classes in that entire time – thanks to jabs and hospital appointments.

Situated in the heart of award-winning Bockett’s Farm in Leatherhead, our Monkey Music class is comprised of our fantastic teacher Clare and around six other friendly mums and their babies of very similar ages. There’s no doubt about it, Monkey Music is Maddie’s favourite time of the week – I’ve never seen her happier than waiting outside the room for her class, shrieking and clapping her hands in anticipation.

Age specific classes

The clever teachers at Monkey Music understand how important music is for early development. ‘Rock n Roll’ is stage one in Monkey Music world, and suitable for babies aged 3 months to a year. Maddie was four months when we started classes and even at such a young age, she was captivated.

There are separate classes specific to age group, soon she’ll graduate to ‘Heigh Ho‘, for babies 12+ months, and then it’s on to ‘Jiggety-Jig‘ for the two and three year olds, and finally, ‘Ding-Dong‘ for the threes and fours.

Fast-paced & action packed

It’s a fast-paced class, which is fantastic. Maddie is a high energy baba and gets bored extremely easily, but never at Monkey Music. Watching her in her element each week makes my heart sing, she’s even starting to understand the phrase ‘We’re going to Monkey Music’ on a Tuesday morning now, and her eyes light up, and she grins from ear to ear (and believe me, getting a grin out of Maddie is not easy some days!).

Singing, sensory, play & sleep

You’ll soon master the variety of catchy and interactive songs that are sung at each class, especially if you both do your homework with the Monkey Music CD. There are songs that welcome the children to the class, songs that encourage babies to track Monkey around the room, and songs that teach children to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to Monkey, and his little side-kick, Mo. They’re not always your usual nursery rhymes either, which is a refreshing change!

The classes are packed with different sensory props and visually stimulating experiences, every week there’s something new. Towards the end of each lesson all the babies lie completely enchanted, mesmerised by the light show on the ceiling and transfixed by the noise of the triangle and the beautiful soothing lullabies sung by teacher Claire. They then come alive again for the bubble machine that ends the session, with a final goodbye to Monkey for another week.

Book now for spring / summer term

If your baby is approaching three months – have a look for a Monkey Music class in your area – they’re popping up all over the country, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Monkey Music is also perfect for pre-school children up to 4 years of age, so even if you haven’t had the privilege of joining from the early months of your child’s life, it’s never too late – you can sign them up now and enjoy some Monkey Music fun.

For any new mums out there feeling a little intimidated at the thought of your first mummy and baby group – don’t worry, book it, and go – you’ll both love it. In fact, Monkey Music are so confident you’ll love their classes they offer the first one free, so you can trial it out with no obligation to sign up.

Monkey Music is due to start taking bookings for the summer term. Head over to their website to find your nearest class.

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