I have been thinking about doing something with mosaic tiles for a while now and have come up with a mosaic play dough busy bag that can be taken out and about, or done at home.

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You will need:

  • Play dough*
  • Mosaic tiles – you can get a variety of different ones from amazon.

* you can get these wonderful playdoh sets that have a wide range of colours that are small wrapped packets that fit easily into your bag.

We actually played with it at home, EC had a play date and wouldn’t allow YC to play with them. As the play date was almost over and dinner wasn’t too far away, I pulled out a couple of the playdoh packets and my mosaic pieces and set her up with it. It is really rather addictive, I had to tear myself away from doing it with YC to go and finish making dinner.

Mosaic play dough busy bag

YC loves anything to do with play dough so this was really up her street and a great way to fill up some spare time.

Mosaic play dough busy bag

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mosaic play dough busy bag - fun on the run for children of all ages.