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Enjoy A Parent’s Eye View of Baby with This Innovative New Baby Monitor

Motorola have launched their brand new baby monitor, the Halo+. The Halo+ professes to be a multi-functional piece of kit, jam-packed with handy extras. Besides the Halo’s basic function as a monitor, its accompanying app offers downloadable entertainment and expert advice.

Unboxing the Halo+

The Halo+ arrives in three main parts and was incredibly easy to assemble. Inside your box you’ll find:

  • 1080p camera with 10m infrared night vision
  • 5-inch colour screen parent unit
  • Ergonomic arm with tubing / leg

Detachable and portable camera

An ergonomic arm attaches the Halo’s camera to any crib while the wiring runs down the external side of the crib within a discreet casing.

The camera provides you with an unrivalled, unobstructed HD view of your baby. You can situate the camera on a nearby surface if you prefer; the camera is easily detachable and works brilliantly as a mobile solution.

Portable Parent Display

You can enjoy a crystal clear picture with the display’s full HD colour screen unit. The monitor is activated by motion and audio sensors alerting you to any motion, sound or temperature changes in the environment.

You can speak to your child from another room via the unit’s pager button and talk-back feature.


The Halo’s partner app ‘Hubble-for-Baby‘ offers more than just remote access to the monitor when you’re away from home.

Besides the basic sound and motion alerts, the app’s variety of features can track and monitor baby’s development. You can access a baby tracking diary, in-depth sleep analytics and expert advice on all things sleep.

Sleep Insights Function

The monitor detects motion triggered by movement in the cot, while the app’s Sleep Insights function carefully tracks your baby’s sleep patterns.

The data is captured, logged and presented on a graph so you can see exactly what your baby has been up to during the night.

Entertainment hub

The Motorola Halo+ is multi-functional, and doubles up as an integrated light show projector. There are three brightness levels and a choice of seven soft-glow colours or a night sky ‘virtual mobile’ to soothe baby. If music or audio is more your baba’s thing, there are nine lullaby melodies, one white noise and ten audio books to keep baby calm and entertained.


The Motorola Halo+ is easy to assemble, whether you position camera above the crib or nearby. The monitor needs to charge for 16 hours before it’s good to use. The battery is impressive once fully charged, lasting unplugged for hours!

The overhead view is a brilliant advantage to parents wanting to keep a close eye on their baby. Motorola do not recommend using the arm after this time  – when baby is able to reach up and tamper with it!

The only downside I can think of is that this monitor does not track your baby’s breathing via sensor pad, although many experts advise against breathing sensors due to false alarms.

I’ve always liked to rely on a monitor that has a parental unit as opposed to Wi-Fi / apps alone, so the flexibility and the multi-functionality of the Motorola Halo+ is really appealing to me. I love that you can use the monitor with or without the app for continuous footage of your child at nighttime / nap time.

The Hubble-for-Baby app as an additional tool to access an incredible about of insight into your little one’s sleeping patterns is so reassuring when they’re tiny.

This monitor is a huge step forward in terms of what I have been used to, it’s definitely one for the parents that like their tech, and I personally can’t wait to use it with my second baby due next month.

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