Still enthused by the summer weather and this month’s Crafty Box theme, the sea, we’ve made a milk carton sailing boat for some of Little Una Fox’s peg people.  Here is how we did it:

Mrs Fox Makes  A Milk Carton Sailing Boat

Mrs Fox Makes A Milk Carton Sailing Boat

You Will Need:

  • empty milk carton
  • triangle of fabric (approx 24cm x 14cm)
  • wooden bar-b-q skewer
  • string, wool or thread
  • plastacine or blue/white tack
  • glue
  • pencil
  • paper
  • paints
Mrs Fox Makes A Milk Carton Sailing Boat

1. Wash out your empty milk carton.  Draw the shape below onto the milk carton, cut out the shape and discard.  If you are using water based poster paints cover the outside of the milk carton with paper you can paint on.  Glue this down and let it dry.

Sailing Boat Instructions

2. Make a small hole in the boat (see above) behind and to the centre of the shape you have cut out.  Next, in pencil draw a line all the way round the centre of your boat.  From this line draw several more lines between 1cm to 1.5cms from the first line.

3. Applying the lightest colours first, paint your boat, painting the lines you have drawn in different complementary colours.  We used a line of washi tape round our boat.   While the paint dries make the mast and rigging.

4. Fold the longest side of your triangle of fabric over your skewer then glue, or sew this down.  Next, tie a double knot in one end of your string and thread the other end through the hole in your boat, pull it until the knot catches.

5. Make a little ball of your white tack and secure to the bottom of the boat.   Push the point of the skewer through this into the bottom of the boat.  Then, wrap and tie the string tightly to the top of the skewer, cut off any excess.  Add the bunting; cut out diamonds of paper (or washi tape) fold in half and glue over the string to make the rigging.

Don’t forget to name your boat.

For more great crafts to make around the theme of the sea order one of our Kid’s Craft Boxes here. Inside are craft materials and instructions to make a milk carton sailing boat, shell keyring and huge underwater collage with jelly fish, lobsters, turtles, sea horses, fish and octopus.  Loads to keep your crafty little foxes busy.