This month Mrs Fox’s Crafty Boxes were all about Wild Animals and there was plenty within them to keep several little crafty foxes busy.

Along with a giraffe, monkeys, lions and mice, one of our wild animals was an elephant ‘fit for a parade’.  So, our crafty contents included a few scraps of fabric and some feathers and sequins.  The beauty of this craft though, is that if you drink milk or wash clothes at home, you can easily make our elephants.

You will need:

  • a milk carton/bottle or laundry liquid bottle
  • wrapping paper or small cut of fabric
  • tin foil and/or beads and sequins
  • glue.


  1. Wash your milk or laundry liquid bottle thoroughly and cut through at the bottom of the handle where it re-joins the lower half of the bottle.
  2. Cut the bottom of the bottle off – the bottom of the top half (with the handle) is where the feet and trunk will stand.  Discard the bottom of the bottle.
  3. Cut arches out of each side of the carton to give your elephant it legs.
  4. Make large flapping ears out of card or wrapping paper and stick them where you think the ears should be.
  5. Adorn your elephant with a nice ‘coat’ made out of fabric or paper and decorate it with some shiny foil shapes or beads

Go wild!

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