You Will Need:

  • Black card
  • Elastic
  • Pencil
  • Glue & scissors
  • White paint, pencil, chalk, ribbon, sequins, stars etc to decorate

1. On your black card, use the template (or a compass), and as close to one corner as will comfortably fit, draw a circle with a 6cm radius on your black card.  Use the same centre point to draw an inner circle with a radius of 3.5cm.  Use the template to outline the ‘point’ for your hat.  Cut out your ‘point’ with flap and then your circle and the inner circle to create your brim.

2. Put glue onto the tab and roll the ‘point’ into a cone.  Hold together while the glue sticks, or use some tape inside  along the join.  Cut little 1 cm snips all the way around the edge making a ‘frill’.  Push the cone down onto a flat surface so that the ‘frill’ fans outwards, put glue on the upper side before sliding your brim down over the point to stick onto the ‘frill’.

3. With a needle, poke a little hole each side of the ‘point’ and thread your elastic through, making a knot at each end to hold it in place.

4. Use white paint, pencil, chalk, or ribbon, or cut out foil moons and stars, if you have any sequins you could use these too, to decorate the hat.

Put your hat on your head and cast a spell!