It is summertime, which means that it is friendship bracelet making time!  At the beginning of the holidays EC and I were cleaning up his desk and found a friendship bracelet that I had made for him about 4 years ago!  It finally fitted him, and he has been wearing it ever since.  So, while EC may not be keen on making them, he does like to wear them.  This particular one is a multicolour fishtail friendship bracelet.

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To make this multicolour fishtail friendship bracelet you will need:

  • 4 lengths of coloured thread
  • Tape

Choose one colour to be the middle, this colour will not show up on the bracelet, except for where you tie it together.  Secure it to a table with some tape.

Lay the remaining three colours behind the middle string.

Starting with the first colour (mine was blue), bring the right side over the right middle string, then under the left middle string.  Then do the same with the blue on the left side.

Now pull the remaining two coloured (pink and purple) stings over the top of the of the blue string.  This way when you repeat the pattern from the previous step the pink and purple will be locked in with the middle yellow string.

multicoloured fishtail friendship bracelets

Keep repeating the pattern until you want to change colour.

To change colour, simple pull the new coloured string out to the sides and place the one you were just using in the middle.  Then carry on with the pattern.

multicoloured fishtail friendship bracelet

Make sure you keep pulling the strings together and moving it up, it tends to slip down the middle string as you are making it.

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