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Parenting / 18 June, 2020 / Ellie Thompson

The Ultimate In Baby Monitoring: A Review Of The Owlet Sock + Cam

According to the NHS, for the first 6 months your baby should be in the same room as you when they’re asleep, both day and night, and it’s during those early months in particular that parents look for reassurance. With so much technology and so many baby monitors on the market, choosing the right device is crucial, especially as every parent will have a different preference.

Most newborn babies are asleep more than they are awake, and the total amount of daily sleep can vary from 8 hours up to 16 or 18 hours a day. To give you peace of mind during these hours, it’s worth considering the Owlet Smart Sock + cam.

The Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet is one of the UK’s leading baby monitoring suppliers, and they’re on a mission to equip and empower parents with the right information at the right times.

The Owlet Smark sock is the first-ever baby monitor that can track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels whilst streaming video and audio to your phone to give you real-time readings. This means you can take advantage of the old adage ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ and with 94% of parents reporting better sleep as a result of the Smart Sock, Owlet is clearly winning.

How does the Owlet Smart Sock work?

The Smart Sock is designed to help you watch over your baby whilst they sleep. It can be wrapped around either foot to track their heart rate and oxygen levels using clinically-proven and internationally-standardised pulse oximetry. The Smart Sock plugs into the base station and can be popped on charge during the day ready for naptime/bedtime.

The Owlet Smart Sock sends real-time information in the form of notifications to your Owlet base station and to your smartphone via the free downloadable app. This allows you to check on your baby at any time, without waking them.

Your base station will glow green to tell you your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate are normal. It will notify you with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong.


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My Baba’s editor, Ellie Thompson says “This is a super-clever way to receive real-time insights into what your baby’s up to, all while they’re sleeping soundly in their crib.”

“Last summer, when my baby was 19 days old, he was rushed to A&E. After several attempts at a lumbar puncture to rule out sepsis and meningitis, they discovered he had a UTI and a staph blood infection. It was touch and go in the first few hours. For two weeks we were kept in a private room while he was pumped with various combinations of antibiotics, and he thankfully recovered. As soon as we got home, I made sure he had the Owlet Smart Sock attached to his foot. We needed that reassurance in the months that followed.” she says.

Complete reassurance and peace of mind

“The Owlet lets you know when your baby is wriggling and momentarily pauses information to ensure the readings you receive are always accurate. The base station glows different colours to let you know what’s going on. After everything we went through, I’ve found the comforting green glow instantly reassuring when I wake during the night in a panic!” Ellie continues.

“My only regret is not getting the Owlet Smart Sock sooner. Had William been hooked up to the technology the week before he was sick, perhaps we would have identified changes in his readings that would have prompted us to seek help sooner. Ongoing I will not be taking any chances – it’s going to be firmly attached to his foot reassuring me until he is at least 18 years old!”

The Owlet Smart Sock retails at £269.

The Owlet Cam

Once your baby turns six months and moves out of your bedroom into their nursery, you’ll probably want to consider investing in a visual/audio baby monitor. Well, now you can hear, see and talk to your baby from anywhere with the Owlet Cam.

High-quality night vision and wide-angle lense

With its high-quality night vision 130° viewing angle, the Owlet Cam has a lot to offer in terms of baby monitoring. It streams a 1080p HD video of your baby directly to your smartphone so you’ll be able to see them in their surroundings at all times, in crystal-clear detail.

With the monitor’s slick, yet minimalistic and inconspicuous design, it can blend into any space and its magnetic base gives parents the ability to put it anywhere with minimum fuss. We love that this is a monitor that can be easily adjusted and moved in terms of its position in the room, so you can always see your baby from the best angle.

Two-way audio system and out of app capability

The Owlet Cam has a two-way audio system, so you can speak to and soothe your baby without entering their room and disrupting their routine. It also includes an in-room temperature sensor, which is helpful when deciding how to dress baby for bed, especially during these warmer months.

The Owlet Cam’s background mode enables you to hear your baby whilst you use your phone for other things. This is a huge plus, as some app-based monitors do not have the capability to do this, so it’s always worth remembering this when you do your research.

How safe is my baby monitor from hacking?

From a technical perspective, Owlet’s smartphone app uses a secure and fully-encrypted WiFi connection so you remain safe in the knowledge that only you and your family are watching.

The Owlet Cam is currently £149 and comes with Owlet’s 45-night Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Owlet Monitor Duo

The Owlet Cam is great to use on its own, but it also works perfectly and integrates seamlessly with the Owlet Smart Sock, creating Owlet’s complete Monitor Duo. This clever combo offers new parents the ultimate in baby monitoring.

Listen, watch and talk with your baby, track their heart rate and oxygen levels, and rest assured in the knowledge you’ll both be sleeping peacefully.


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