We were thrilled to be able to interview the beautiful Camille Styles, founder and creative director of popular lifestyle blog camillestyles.com, where she shares entertaining ideas that inspire her parties an dher life. Camille is also a regular lifestyle contributor to media outlets like HGTV, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, and does styling work for national fashion and lifestyle brands. Her modern aesthetic and eye for details come together to create parties that are simply chic and all about fun. 

Camille lives in Austix TX with her husband and seven month old dauther Phoebe. 

We’re besotted with your blog, when was it launched and what made you take the plunge?

Thanks, it’s always so wonderful to hear that readers are enjoying the blog! I started it 3 years ago as a creative outlet and complement to my event planning business… flash forward to today and the blog has become the full focus of my company with a team of 9 contributors creating original content twice daily. I’m so thankful to get to wake up every day and do what I love!

You’ve got such an awesome team, what’s it like working together, it must be a very creative office?

My team is the best – they make every single day fun and rewarding. We work great together and it’s been fun to see our contributors become great friends with each other, too. We definitely feed off each other’s creativity and ultimately come up with better ideas as a result.

What inspires you?

Traveling to new cities, as well as meeting all the amazing people doing incredibly creative things right here in Austin. I’m really inspired by women who prioritise their families first while also continuing to grow personally, professionally, creatively.

What’s your fail-safe easy family meal?

Chicken piccata, arugula and tomato salad. Simple enough to throw together on a weeknight after putting my baby to bed, but it’s always a huge hit for entertaining, too!

What would the perfect day with the children entail?

I love it when I get to spend the whole day with Phoebe! Since she’s only 7 months, she kind of just tags along with me everywhere, strapped in the baby carrier. Meeting friends for lunch, time to just lay on a blanket and play together, a trip to the park – she just tried out the baby swing for the first time and loves it!

We love following your Monday Monochromatic posts, how did they come about?

That was actually the very first series I ever started on the blog! As a little girl, I spent hours tearing out my favorite images from magazines and creating collages to hang up and keep in my notebooks. Monochromatic Monday boards are my “grown-up” version of that idea – and a fun way to explore whatever is inspiring me on a given week!

What would we find in your nappy bag?

Besides the necessities (diapers and wipes), I always have a squeeze bag of organic veggies, Phoebe’s striped bear “Lulu,” her sun hat, an extra onesie, and for mama: lipgloss, sunglasses, wallet and iPhone. I’ve become pretty low-maintenance these days!

How do you juggle a successful career with your family life?

It’s all about prioritising: my husband and baby always come first, so that makes most of the big decisions easy. Our parents all live nearby which provides loads of help, and our moms keep Phoebe 4 mornings a week so I’m able to have a few hours each day to really focus on work. It’s amazing how much I’m able to accomplish in 4 hours now… my efficiency has reached all new levels since becoming a mom! I really try to focus on work when I’m at work, and focus on Phoebe when I’m with her. It’s not always easy and of course, I have moments when I’m checking my email while I’m with her, but I try to segment the two as much as I can.

What’s in the pipeline for you this year?

For the company, a couple of incredibly exciting projects that I can’t divulge quite yet, but I definitely see CamilleStyles.com becoming an even more fun, addictive and inspiring daily resource for entertaining, design and style over the next year. We’re constantly looking for ways to approach topics in a new way and push ourselves to come up with more original, creative content. Personally, I just want to be the very best mom to Phoebe I can be and savor these little moments as she enters toddler-hood… I know they fly by way too fast.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Creative, inspired, loves her family and makes the most of every day she’s been given.


URL: http://camillestyles.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/camillestyles
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/camillestylesmoore
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/camillestyles