We interviwed Deborah Medhurst, the inspirational Director of No Added Sugar Kids’ Designer Fashion brand. 

Deborah has not only created a clever and quirky clothing brand for the not-so-average child, she has also turned a millhouse dating from the 17th century into a contemporary design haven. Have a peek at the inspirational house here. Just as with the designs for No Added Sugar, she’s blended the attitude of her old Shoreditch stomping ground with something classic.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Anywhere and everywhere, simple things can trigger a big idea.  Sadly I have little time to spend on research so you learn to be tuned in 24/7!

Do you find it more fun to design for girls, or for boys?

I’m in both camps; boys because I only have boys so find this area exciting; conjuring up ideas for their wardrobes is immensely pleasurable, and girls purely because I am a girl and adore clothes.

If I had not had boys and having only sisters, I think I’d find the whole boy clothing thing a bit murky!

How do you juggle a successful career and family life?

It ain’t easy! I try my best; throwing in mediations, swimming to totally escape from everyone and getting up super early – these all help the cause.  But I am also a firm believer that one needs to nourish oneself in order to function well, so diet is a very big priority. My boys think I’m obsessed…I probably am?!

Who would you love to endorse your brands?

We don’t have a television and only get the opportunity to look at a paper on the weekend so are not particularly up with who’s who…

I’m not celebrity focused in any way so anyone with a great sense of style sprinkled with wit is the perfect endorsement for no added sugar.

Town or country?

 Both, I’d be miserable if I couldn’t be in either regularly.

The festive season is coming up – what are your children getting this Christmas? We promise we won’t tell them!

Lucien has his heart set on a drum kit and Gabriel a mobile phone.

We’re crazy about your new store, is there anything else in the pipeline for No Added Sugar?

We’re so enjoying being retailers and having our own space to tell our story, our way.

We’ve got our eye on more retail and are actively developing our online business right now plus expanding on our product range.

Tell us a secret about London?

My new stop for tea and cake when out shopping is this fairly new, small unassuming café; real tea, smiley service and their Afghan biscuits (think gorgeously crumbly chocolate), keep’s me returning every time.

Don’t ask me it’s name…it’s a secret! I don’t actually know it but it’s a skip and a hop from Liberty!

What baby product would you recommend to our readers?

Our ‘Blankie blanket made from cotton & wool in a traditional patchwork design but in bold unnursery-like colours.

Inspired by the patchwork blankets on my boys beds knitted by a dear old lady. Good baby blankets are keepsakes, Lucien still has his cot/ buggy blanket at the end of his bed.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Hard working, kind hearted and up for a party!

Questions by Victoria Krumrei