This week, we interviewed the amazing Jane Gottschalk. Not only does Jane run three companies – Perfect Moment, Jax Coco, and OHSO Chocolate she is also a mother of four young girls with a boy on the way. Jane is married to husband Max. 

You’re based in Hong Kong, what do you love most about it?
It’s a very vibrant city, full of energy and entrepreneurial spirit- a great place to start a new business. It is also deceptively green and has some wonderful hikes through tropical woodland.

What are your top tips for travelling long haul with children?
Take a photo of your luggage on your phone (esp when travelling with multiple children)- it helps when you come through the other side with grumpy kids and half a brain.

  • A good glass of wine – for you
  • Pack your own food for the kids – sandwiches, fruit etc. Inevitably someone won’t like the plane food and you can at least know they have had something slightly healthy. Stock upon coconut water at the airport – the best hydration for long haul flights.
  • Make sure it’s a night flight. I defy anyone to keep sane on a 12hr day flight.

Where’s your favourite family holiday destination?
Since living in Asia, we have fallen in love with the Philippines. We spend summers in Ibiza when we are back in Europe.

What inspired you to set up Jax Coco?
We got involved in a US brand a few years ago when the health benefits of coconut water were still relatively unknown.  It’s meteoric rise since reflects a new generation that is growing up concerned about the environment, health and what they are consuming. When we moved to Hong Kong we found no readily packaged coconut water and hence decided to form our own brand to roll out across Asia and susequetly, globally. We were the first to introduce beautifully designed clear glass bottles to the market which can be used in bars, restaurants and hotels.

What’s on your to-do list this week?
I am writing this on a flight to New York to meet the North America JAX team. My 2nd daughter is in tow as it is her birthday so a trip to Dylan’s Candy Store and FAOSwartz are definitely on the to do list. Back to London for another week of meetings before heading off (finally!) to Ibiza for a couple of weeks. The girls are all in Chinese school which starts in the middle of August so our usual summer holiday time is cut short- always hard to leave friends behind.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?
Mmm – by baby no 5 you can live without most baby products but I guess Infacol can be a lifesaver…

What’s your favourite family recipe?
Good old spaghetti Bolognese (with loads of hidden veggies for the kids) topped with lashings of Parmesan cheese.. Since I started working with Animals Asia however, the meat has been replaced with lentils, pulses  and/or  Quorn where possible -hard to tell the difference.

What do you like doing with the kids on the weekend?
Weekends are mostly focused around getting out and running around free be it at the beach in HK, sports activities or being out at home in Henley- tree house and zip wire, dogs and animals.

Saturday night ‘movie and popcorn’ nights on the sofa with the all the kids and all the dogs is always a favourite. Life is so busy and fast – it’s nice to stop every now and then.

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2013?
Wow – that’s big one. The birth of a son in November has to be top of that list. That’ll be a different dynamic after 4 girls..

The building of our JAX factories in Philippines and US. The launch of the new Perfect Moment ski collection for 13/14 and finalizing designs for 14/15 and the global expansion of OhSo probiotic chocolate into Asia and the US. That’ll keep us all occupied for a while..

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?
An energetic, somewhat rebellious risk taker with a passion for life, family, friends, travel and animals.