We love everything about L&B London. You started up in 2005, what made you launch L&B in London? 

I always knew I would open my own business. I come from a family of retailers. After 3 amazing years working for Christie’s, I thought it was about time to follow my family footsteps and use this great heritage.

What are your favourite three items in store at the moment? 

My 2 small children give me inspiration so I would say i’m very much excited about my new “BE BOP” bedlinen range. Then our new lightweight cashmere dressing gowns for the summer. The colours I introduced remind me of ice creams “sorbet” colours. And finally I’m very excited about introducing John Robshaw collection in London. The “mirror” cushions are my favourite.

What’s your failsafe family meal? 

A good meat with a potato gratin. Kids love it!

What’s your ultimate holiday destination for the family? 

At my family home in Palm Beach. Family, sun, sea, beach, golf, shopping and fun, fun, fun. My best holidays for 2 weeks every November.

How would you say your interior style has changed since having children? 

Colours tend to be warmer. They accentuate the feeling of cosiness and it is easier to have a dark sofa with kids than a white one 🙂

Whose house would you most like to furnish? 

Kensington Palace for William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.

What do you wear to the office? 

Elegant but easy and comfortable clothes and shoes. I run a lot, office, shopfloor, stock room, school runs… So it has to be practical!

What’s the one baby product you’d recommend to other mamas? 

L’Eau de senteur from Bonpoint. There is no alcohol in it. When my kids were babies I used to put it on their clothes, now I spray some every morning on their hair. They love it as much as I do.

What’s in the pipeline? 

Develop the business in our Paris office. And I’m very excited about our upcoming collaborations with international interior designers.

How would you sum yourself in one sentence? 

Happy Busy working and full-time mummy.