This week we were lucky enough to interview the fabulously talented Marie-Chantal Claire, Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Princess Marie-Chantal works as a children’s author, illustrator and clothing designer. She lives with her husband and their five children in London. 

You’re an inspiration to mothers all over the world, how do you juggle everything and stay looking so calm?

I do think women have an incredible ability to multi task, that said having five children, a husband and a job can at times be overwhelming, so I prioritise my commitments and try to keep a healthy balance between my social life, work and family. My family will always come first and staying calm and seeing the children happy keeps me focused.

You have five children; did you always want a big family?

I have two sisters and my husband comes from a family of five. I always wanted a big family and after the fourth I knew there was someone missing!

We love your new Marie-Chantal collection, what’s your favourite piece and what inspires the collections?

Spring summer ’13 is fun, fresh and colorful. My favorite look is the rabbit dress for girl and great fun colorful sweaters for boys.

What are your top style and beauty secrets?

 I do the school run every morning so my beauty routine has to be pretty quick. Blush and lipstick, a skinny cappuccino, oatmeal and I’m out the door! 

Where’s your favourite place to live in the world?

My home is here in London and I love it but I grew up in Hong Kong and just love that city. It’s fun, fast paced and you feel like you could get anything done there.

Do you have a top tip for travelling with more than one child?

I always have the boys carry backpacks and I fill them with bits that will keep them entertained during their travels. Crisps, games, a gameboy, superheroes figures, pencils, coloring books and always a surprise! I am so used to people staring and glaring at me when I board the plane with 5 kids that I have to be prepared!

What baby/ children product can’t you live without?

 Mustela baby cream reminds me of that special time when you’ve just come home with a baby… I just love anything Mustela.

What’s your number one recipe?

 My pasta with chopped tomatoes, mozzarella and basil… nobody can make it like me. Or that’s what my kids say!

What’s in the pipeline for Marie-Chantal?

There are some exciting new opportunities with some global new wholesale partners. We are also relaunching our web site to make a better ecommerce site available internationally. And our Walton Street store will be re-launched in the spring with a new look and a bigger space.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence? 

Positive, productive and proactive…