This week, we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the Six Sisters, the girls that run one of our favourite blogs, Six Sisters’ Stuff. In the order of the photo from left to right, – Kendra, Elyse, Kristen, Camille, Lauren and Stephanie. All six sisters live in Northern Utah – it Logan, Layton, and Kaysville. Between the three oldest sisters, there are 8 kids – Brynlee (5), Addy (5), Mason (3), Ensley (3), Camden (3), Parker (1), Taylor (9 months), and Mailey (7 months). 

Six Sisters must have been such a light bulb moment, who came up with it and how did you set the wheels in motion?

Our sister Elyse was actually the one who thought of it – because the phone calls we kept making between each other were racking up huge bills on our phone plans! She decided that if we used a blog to share recipes we loved or crafts that we had recently done, it could save us some money and help us keep in touch with each other. She set it up, and we started posting. Just the three oldest sisters at first, and then the other three joined in on the action.

You’ve just launched MyRecipeMagic, which we love. What did your mother cook for you when you were growing up and does that influence the way you feed your children?

A lot of the recipes on our blog (and have added to MyRecipeMagic), are recipes that we grew up eating. Our mom made it a priority to have dinner on the table for us every night, but knew that we wouldn’t eat strange ingredients and elaborate meals – so she kept them really simple. We all keep that in mind when cooking for our children now. We would rather spend less time preparing dinner and more time enjoying it at the table with our families.

How many children do you have between you and do they love getting involved with the blog?

We have 8 children between all of us (the three oldest have children) – and they love to help out in the kitchen. We try to involve them in most of the things we do, and they are so funny about it. The other day, one of them told us that she was going to start a blog with her sisters so she can be just like her mom (she’s five!).

With so many blogs cropping up, especially in this particular sector, what advice would you give to new parents wanting to make a business out of it?

It is important to find your passion and stick with it – for us, it was quick, easy recipes and family dinners – so that is what we focus on. If you blog about what you are passionate about, people will be able to tell, and it will draw them in. If you write what you know and love, and have some great images to go along with it, it will help sell your business to the public!

What’s on top of your to-do list this week?

This week has been quite crazy – we just got back from conferences in Texas and San Francisco, so we have loads of laundry stacked miles high. That would probably be at the very top of the list. 😉

Do you work closely together as a team, and do have specific areas you each focus on?

Each of us post on the blog – but each sister is in charge of certain parts of our social media platforms. We have one sister who is focusing on Facebook, another on Pinterest, one on YouTube, etc.

What would you each be doing if you weren’t running Six Sisters?

We would probably not be as close as we are – but we would still be doing things together. We always talked about doing an Etsy shop – so maybe that is where we would be!

What’s the one product we’d find in each of your nappy bags?

Baby Lips Lip Balm by Maybelline. Camille introduced us to this magical balm, and I don’t think we go anywhere without it!

What’s in the pipeline for Six Sisters?

We are focusing on our next blog conference (it’s in February, but it’s never too early to start planning!), and enjoying the calm after the launch of our first cookbook this year – but we are looking forward to book number two next year!

How would you all sum yourselves up in one sentence?

We are six sisters who love quick, easy recipes, DIY projects, and spending time with our families (and each other!).