This week, we interviewed inspiring mama Sarah Walter, Founder & Managing Director of Style Passport.

Q1) We are completely obsessed with Style Passport, what inspired you to set up the website?

Thanks for being obsessed, so am I! Well, after a magazine career which spanned Vogue, Bazaar and Marie Claire then a retail career in New Look and River Island combined with my huge passion for travel (I lived in Africa for four years too) and life long desire to set up my own business, Style-Passport just made sense and had to be done. All my experience and passion in one place.

Q2) Many of our readers are busy working mums. How do you juggle running such a successful business and managing your home life? What would be your top tip for finding that healthy balance?

I don’t know that you ever find a true healthy balance. I have the feeling that I am not doing something well enough all the time. I do try to be organised and communicate as much as I can with my family about what is coming up. I never work past 18.30 in the office but prefer to come home and see the girls then catch up on work when they are in bed. I’m afraid it’s not easy but if you have a strong family you can make it work.

Q3) You and your husband Dylan are both incredibly fashion-forward people. Are your children into fashion?   

My eldest Edie, loves fashion and keeps me up to date on new brands and the best models etc, she has great natural style too. My second daughter Georgia is our ‘go to’ for beauty, she’s obsessed with lotions and potions and is very skilled at painting toes.

Q4) What would be your one essential style tip, and one essential beauty tip?

My style tip is to buy and wear what you love and know what suits your body. I like natural beauty and have never been a fan of loads of make up but as you get older a good base is essential and takes years off you. Laura Mercier is the best.

Q5) What’s on your back-to-school checklist for the kids this autumn term?

Georgia is starting secondary school so her checklist is a huge amount of new uniform which needs labelling. New shoes are always on the list this time of year and both girls need new jeans and long sleeved tops too.

Q6) What’s your favourite cookbook and why?

It changes frequently. Simon Hopkinson ruled for a while as did Jamie and Nigella when I tried to master my aversion to baking but at the moment its Ottolenghi for the mix of flavours.

Q7) When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A ballerina, an actress, the Editor of Vogue and the owner of Selfridges. The usual girl stuff.

Q8) What’s your most used app, and why?

My map app. Im always running late for meetings and use this as I’m walking or on the tube to devise the quickest route so I can make up the time.

Q9) Where’s your ultimate holiday destination, and your one travel essential you cannot live without?

Usually my most recent trip is my favourite destination so right now that is Mustique. I never travel without my favourite sarongs they work in every country and every climate; scarves, evening cover ups, doubled over and belted as skirts, as sarongs on the beach, as lightweight bed clothes when its really hot and even as towel for spontaneous swims.

Q10) What’s in the pipeline for Style Passport? Would you ever consider an S-P for kids?

The possibilities are endless, definitely kids and men are on the radar so we cater to a whole family on holiday.