We are big fans of Pearl Lowe, our Mumpreneur this week. Pearl has four children and lives in Somerset with her husband. 

1) You had your first baby very young, was it a very difference experience in comparison to having your other children?

Well firstly, she was my first, so i didn’t have a clue what i was doing & secondly, i was the only person i knew who had a baby, so whilst all my friends were raving, i was babysitting, so it was a bit strange. When i had my boys, my friends had started having kids, so we all hung out together, it wasn’t as isolating.

2) You’re an incredible designer – what inspires you?

Thank you! Everything inspires me, the countryside, my children, an old movie, a photograph, going to flea markets.

3) What are your top three charities and how much of your time do you dedicate to charity work?

I used to be an Ambassador for Crisis, which was a wonderful experience, but sadly that ended. I felt that i needed to be more involved with addiction as that was something i have experienced first hand and has caused a great deal of pain to my family & friends. I still don’t feel i do enough, but my intent is there, so i’m sure i will in the future. I guess by staying clean and being a success story, i will be an example for other addicts. My three top charities are, NSPCC & Breast Cancer Awareness and Action on Addiction.

4) You’re an ambassador for Action on Addiction, what piece of advice would you give to parents worried about their teenagers?

I get asked this a lot, it’s very hard as a parent not to want to control your teenager, but at the end of the day you can’t. I think it is always best to be as open as possible with your children, so that they can always come to you if they have a problem with drugs, never berate them. My son has just hit 16, i always talk to him about my stupidity with drugs and i think he’s starting to get the picture.

5) What was it like working with your eldest daughter on the Peacocks’ collection?

Daisy and i love working together as we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like to. We shot one of the Peacocks Campaigns in Morocco, so it was great fun, it was like a girlie holiday. i miss those days.

6) What’s your top tip for a well balanced home and work life?

I make sure that my homelife is as balanced as possible, as i would hate for my kids to grow up and say that i wasn’t around enough for them. i make sure that all my work is finished by the time they get home from school & if i’m working in London, i make sure that Danny my husband is at home with them. We don’t have a Nanny.

7) Do you have a top style and beauty tip?

Drink large amounts of water and get loads of sleep and try and find inner peace, it works wonders for your skin.

8) You live in the countryside in Somerset, how does that compare with London life, and tell us one secret about London?

Life is so totally different here in Somerset, everything is a lot slower, i don’t get parking tickets or congestion charge fines, there is no traffic on my school runs, it’s a lot less stressful. The downside is, i sometimes miss the buzz, the social life and the glamour, but London is always there, so i do make sure i come up from time to time. If i were to tell you a secret, then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

9) You’ve accomplished so much in your career already, what’s in the pipeline for you next?

What’s really exciting is that i have a Vintage Interior Book coming out next May through Harper Collins, which to be honest is taking up most of my time. it’s very exciting.

10) Could you sum yourself up in one sentence?

I’m incredibly sensitive, shy & self doubting but also determined and strong.