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My Baba Measure: What’s Hot This Week

From white noise and swaddling solutions to kids’ exercise classes and chemical-free cleaning products, here’s what the My Baba team are loving this week.

BABY SLEEP: the MyHummy bear

This white noise emitting bear has proved itself as a sleep saviour for parents everywhere. According to experts, white noise improves the likelihood of your baby falling to sleep by three times. White noise is comforting because it is similar to the sounds baby is used to hearing in the womb. The myHummy bear can play for 60 minutes, 12 hours or sense when your baby is stirring and turn back on again.

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KIDS’ FASHION: Il Gufo’s Active Label capsule collection

The Active Label collection focuses in on Il Gufo’s fundamental ethos to produce children’s clothing that’s functional and comfortable. Sensitive® Fabrics is a key ingredient in the composition of the clothing, a technical fabric that is light, breathable and comfortable. What’s more, the Active Label garments can be washed often, dry quickly and don’t need to be ironed.

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BABY CARRIER: the Izmi Essential

With the intimacy of sling and the support of a buckled carrier, the Izmi Essential gives you the best of both worlds. The carrier is lightweight and its design distributes baby’s weight evenly to reduce any pressure on your back or hips. Choose between front carry, outward carry and hip carry.

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GADGET: Milkymeter

This Danish gadget will revolutionise your baby feeding routine. Milkymeter ensures your baby’s milk is the right temperature every time. Forget overheating, underheating or having to start again! Pop the Milkymeter into your baby’s bottle along with the milk and place in the microwave to heat. You’ll see the device working when the blue light flashes, then once it flashes green the milk is just the right temperature.

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Optimise your child’s physical and mental development through exercise with Tarka London. The ex-army officers behind Tarka London know the importance of development in the first six years of your child’s life and aim to nurture coordination, communication skills and confidence in a fun and active way. Classes are a combination of being active, solving puzzles and problems, and free play. It’s safe to say your little ones will sleep soundly after a Tarka London class!

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Establish a peaceful sleep routine from the start with Love To Dream. The swaddling, sleep experts are with you from 0-24 months to ensure you and your baba get a good night’s sleep. Start with SWADDLE UP™, a swaddle design that keeps baby’s arms by their side or across their chest, replicating their behaviour in the womb. The SWADDLE UP 50/50™ TRANSITION BAG grows with your baby: unzip the arms when your baby gets more active and comfortable sleeping outside of the womb. Finally, move onto the SLEEP BAG™ or SLEEP SUIT™ for independent sleep and comfort.

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HYGIENE: Yope’s home and skincare range

Get back to basics with Yope’s natural and nourishing skincare range. The cruelty-free range is made up of key ingredients including rose, ginger and mint. We tried the Marigold Kids’ Hand Soap, a super nourishing handwash that cleans effectively and soothes irritation – adults can use it too! Yope has also unveiled a non-toxic and environmentally friendly range of cleaning products that use some of nature’s most powerful ingredients to get your home spick and span without any nasty chemicals.

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